Integrated Pathology

Integrative pathology is a concept that serves as a link between basic and clinical research for the application of research-based knowledge to clinical practice. In order to create a consistent model for a trustworthy understanding of cancer and a reproducible prediction of the evolution and response to different treatment options, it is the link between the identification of pertinent targets and selection of cancer patients that relies on pathophysiological knowledge.

This integrated pathology unit expands on the technical, cognitive, and intellectual abilities that were acquired throughout earlier study. You will apply your understanding of many clinical disciplines within medical laboratory science to analyse laboratory-based data to identify complex disorders.

What Is The Integrated Pathology Unit?

A laboratory that uses tissue is called the Integrated Pathology Unit (IPU).

In the field of translational and clinical research, there are sophisticated and highly quantitative ways to tissue analysis.

Testing Tissues

Modern tissue-based profiling techniques like single-plex immunohistochemistry (IHC), RNA in situ hybridization, and IHC/IF multiplexing will be used by the newly established IPU, along with multi-scan imaging, digital pathology, and artificial intelligence (AI) biomarker quantification.

These Methods Will Be Used On Cohorts Of Carefully Selected Cancer Samples To:

examine the role of biomarkers and pathways in clinical practise.

determine the most effective quantitative biomarker analysis delivery method.

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