Tissue Imaging

A large portion of pathology is built on the examination of pictures created by microscopy of cells and tissues. The foundation of pathology is the removal of tiny tissue samples from patients, which are then routinely stained and visualised under fluorescent or visible light.

What Is Deep Tissue Imaging?

When examining neural architecture and connections in thick brain slices or building 3D models of emerging organisms and tissues, deep tissue imaging becomes important. Due to biological tissue’s significant light scattering, traditional microscopes have a restricted imaging depth.

What Is Tissue Engineering Techniques?

The phrase “developing organs in the lab” is frequently used to describe tissue engineering techniques. In these methods, differentiated cells or stem cells are seeded onto a biomaterial scaffold, which is then given time to grow in a bioreactor before being implanted in a living organism.

What Is Tissue Velocity Imaging?

Tissue Velocity Imaging is an ultrasound-based technology that has previously been rated based on myocardial velocities and is utilised for a quantitative measurement of heart function. Recent research have reported using TVI to analyse skeletal muscles in a number of studies.

Tissue Imaging Market Size

According to a recent report by Emergen Research, the size of the worldwide tissue imaging market is expected to reach USD 27.32 billion by 2027. The rising prevalence of infectious disorders is contributing to the strong demand in the tissue imaging market. Globally, emerging infectious illnesses are thought to be primarily caused by socioeconomic, ecological, and environmental causes and place a significant cost on public health and economies. The recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has significantly increased awareness of the global burden of infectious illness and the preparedness of public health systems to stop the spread of such diseases.

Tissue Imaging Companies


BOC Sciences

Mimetas B.V.



Konan Medical

Draminski S.A.

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