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Since the first telepathology descriptions, there has been a growing interest in the capacity to deliver remote diagnostics.  A literature search between 1986 and 2019 for the most popular phrases “Digital Pathology,” “Telepathology,” and “Whole Slide Imaging” reveals a sharp increase in publications starting in 2012 and also highlights the shift in terminology toward “Digital Pathology,”

Diagnostics Pathology

Based on morphologic and/or clinical pathology findings, the patient’s medical history, their clinical symptoms, and the results of auxiliary tests, diagnostic pathology determines the disease’s etiological agent. It is important in all aspects of pathology, including disease brought on by both naturally occurring and artificially produced conditions.Investigating unexpected illness or death in colonies of laboratory animals Diagnostic pathology is required at the end of a study, or just before.

Diagnostic Techniques Used In Pathology




Microscopic examination of tissues

Haematological tests

Anatomical pathology

Diagnostic Companies

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.

Altona Diagnostics India Pvt Ltd


Clinipace Clinical Research Pvt Ltd.

Biorasi LLC

IMV India Pvt Ltd

MakroCare Clinical Research Ltd

Medpace Clinical Research India Pvt Ltd

Merieux Nutrisciences India Pvt Ltd

MMSH Clinical Research Pvt Ltd

Diagnostic University

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

University of Cincinnati

MCPHS University

Keiser University

Valencia University

College of Southeren Neveda

Bellevue College

rochester institute of technology

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