Digital Histopathology

The ability to view digital pathology images with radiology images makes it easier to diagnose problems in both disciplines. All specialists-and even patients-can access and share the digital photos if they are included in the electronic patient record. A diagnostic field known as histopathology was developed on the visual interpretation of cellular biology depicted in photographs. The introduction of digital images to pathology has transformed this historical discipline into what is now known as digital pathology.

Importance Of Histopathology

Histopathology is the diagnosis and research of tissue problems and involves examining tissues and/or cells under a microscope. It is the responsibility of histopathologists to make diagnoses from tissue samples and support clinicians in managing a patient’s care.

Histopathology What Tests Are Performed?







In What Stain Is Histopathology Used?

In histopathology laboratories, hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining is frequently utilised because it gives the pathologist or researcher an extremely thorough image of the tissue. This is accomplished by clearly staining the cytoplasm, nucleus, organelles, and extracellular components of cells, as well as other cell features.

Histopathology Company

Targos Molecular Pathology Gmb

Acculabs Diagnostics UK Ltd.

Cellular Pathology Services Limited.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Laboratory.

HCA Laboratories UK.

Laboratoire Cerba.

Sonic Healthcare Limited.

Spire Healthcare Group Plc

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