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The 12th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress, accredited by CME & CPD, aims to provide attendees with a comfortable and confident experience in their decision to attend. For this reason, whether you are an exhibitor, sponsor, or attendee, we go above and beyond to earn your confidence and peace of mind. We are mindful of any valid worries you may have when attending any conference, given the growing incidence of fraudulent activity in the events sector. Our staff is committed to giving you the greatest experience possible, while keeping in mind our core values of openness and sincerity.

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Track 1: Digital Pathology, Track 2: Medical Imaging Digital Pathology, Track 3: Artificial Intelligence in Digital Pathology, Track 4: Computational Pathology, Track 5: Pathology with Technology, Track 6: Digital Pathology in COVID-19, Track 7: Machine Learning and AI, Track 8: Diagnostics Digital Pathology, Track 9: Digital Surgical Pathology, Track 10: Digital Pathology Solutions, Track 11: Pathology Informatics, Track 12: Digital Histopathology, Track 13: Digital Electron Microscopy, Track 14: History of Digital Pathology, Track 15: Digital Pathology Market, Track 16: Pharma/Biotech Case Studies, Track 17: Cancer diagnosis, Track 18: Integrative Pathology, Track 19: Pathology Scanners, Track 20: Digital Pathology Image Analysis, Track 21: Oncopathology, Track 22: Emerging technologies, Track 23: Quality management, Track 24: Translational Research, Track 25: Precision Medicine, Track 26: AI in Ophthalmic Pathology, Track 27: Molecular Pathology, Track 28: Telepathology, Track 29: Tissue Imaging, Track 30: Pediatric Pathology


Our event’s main focus is on stimulating dialogues and thought-provoking talks about important subjects in the field of marketing. Our aim is to investigate popular themes, such as digital branding tactics, immersive commercials, scam and fraud protection, AI tools for brand identification, and many more hot-button issues of the day, with eminent authority gracing the stage.

We understand the importance of continuing education for digital pathology professionals. Our conference has been meticulously planned and designed to provide you with valuable educational opportunities that meet the highest standards of CME and CPD accreditation. Participate at the #12DIGIPATH2024, and join us from December 17-19, 2024, in Holiday Inn Dubai, Al Barsha, UAE

It is imperative that all licensed physicians provide proof of current knowledge, abilities, and suitability for continued practice. One way they might show they are dedicated to their professional development is by attending regular educational events. For the purpose of Continuing Medical Education (CME), also known as Continuing Professional Development, the College has set up a procedure for evaluating and, when necessary, approving surgical events in order to determine which are worthy of participation. An event must show that it is appropriate and has the potential to support surgeons’ or allied health professionals’ ongoing professional development in order to be accredited.

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CME accreditation receivers

CPD is the all-encompassing dedication of professionals to improving their own abilities and competencies over the course of their careers. The phrase “continuing professional development” (CPD) refers to the learning activities that professionals take part in to advance and improve their skills. It makes learning more proactive and conscious as opposed to passive and reactive

Maintaining current skills and knowledge is crucial for individuals, organisations, and entire industries, and can be facilitated via continuing professional development. Offering CPD makes it possible for companies to become a knowledge resource for important stakeholders. Professionals can apply the learning time from CPD-accredited workshops, training sessions,

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CPD accreditation receivers

CME Benefits: 

  • Refine skills to improve overall patient care
  • Stay current with the latest developments within their specialty
  • Address real-world challenges that health care professionals face day to day
  • Gain professional growth and a means to advance career status
  • Meet licensing/certification requirements
  • Learn effective medical team management skills
  • Earn membership in professional organizations

CPD Benefits:

  • Keeping employee skills up to date.
  • Maintaining professional standards.
  • Building employee confidence.
  • Enhance career advancement.
  • Improve job satisfaction.
  • Maintaining high standards across the organisation.
  • Meet regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Improving employee commitment to their jobs.
  • Share best practice across the organisation.

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