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WORKSHOP TITLE: The Evolution in Probiotic Therapy
Location: United Arab Emirates

-Evolution Timeline in Probiotics
-Use application for Probiotics
-Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea
-Advancements in Probiotic Delivery
-Proprietary Probiotic Delivery and Survival
Proprietary Probiotic Formulations
-Introduction of POSTbiotics and how they revolutionize the gut microbiome.


Dr. Jason Mitchell, U.S.A Board-certified naturopathic doctor & Founder and CEO of Probulin Probiotic

This presentation will briefly outline an evolutionary timeline of where probiotics have been, where they are today and where they are heading. We will also share scientific studies related to a unique and proprietary probiotic delivery system that exponentially increases the survivability of the beneficial probiotic cells. Finally we will discuss the importance of POSTbiotics and how this could likely reshape what we know about the gut microbiome.

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Probulin Probiotics

In 2013, Probulin Probiotics was established. The CEO of Probulin Probiotics is Jason Mitchell. The main office of Probulin Probiotics is located in Topeka, Kansas. The main industry for Probulin Probiotics is biotechnology. The company Probulin Probiotics is privately held. Probulin Probiotics has received funding from HempFusion. On January 18, 2023, Probulin Probiotics was purchased.

Kansas City-based producer of probiotic medications. The company’s product line includes skin care items and digestive aids such capsules containing digestive enzymes and adult and pediatric complete care probiotics.

Probiotics are essential for immune system support, proper food digestion, and the health and balance of the digestive system as a whole. This is significant since the condition of your immune system and the rest of your body are closely related to the health of your digestive system.

Even with the best of intentions, certain lifestyle factors, such as stress, excessive use of certain drugs, and nutrition, can cause an imbalance in the important bacteria in the gut. That’s when gas, bloating, and other digestive pain might happen.

Probiotic is your one-stop shop for a postbiotic that supports overall gut health as well as a probiotic and prebiotic. With 12 billion cfu and 8 billion cfu from fermented fruits and vegetables, this 15-strain probiotic blend is created for maximum potency, resulting in a total of 20 billion cfu in each capsule. Your immune system and digestive system are supported comprehensively by Total Care Probiotic. Potency and safety are verified through testing on each product. The MAKTrek 3-D Probiotic Delivery System, shelf stability (no refrigeration needed!), and combination of prebiotics and postbiotics make Total Care Probiotic unique. What is the purpose of prebiotics and postbiotics? The nourishment that probiotics need to remain alive and well is provided by prebiotics. Postbiotics are special substances that help maintain a healthy gut and are generated by probiotic activity.

The Next Generation of Digestive Probiotics:

Does your digestive system seem irregular or out of balance sometimes? Do you get a bloated, gassy feeling? You may now optimize your digestive health with Probulin!

What Can Negatively Affect Your Digestive System?

Diet: A diet lacking important macro nutrients such as fiber found in fruits and vegetables make it difficult for the living bacteria in the digestive system to survive. This important fiber is often referred to as a Prebiotic which is the food they eat.
Chemicals: Ingesting various chemicals can disrupt the balance of healthy bacteria.
Insufficient Water: Like any living thing water is key to survival.
Lifesytle Habits: Tobacco products, alcohol consumption, and many other choices may influence digestive health among other things.
StressEmotional health is of great importance to overall health. Research suggests that occasional stress and sleeplessness may affect the digestive environment.
Environmental Exposure: Often we are exposed to things like chlorine & fluoride, and many other elements in our environment, and this may have an impact on digestive health.

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