Mr. Steve D. Barbee-10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Mr. Steve Barbee
President of JAV Advisors Corp

Steven D. Barbee has over 17 years of experience working in the pathology field. JAV Advisors Corp., which serves more than 50 pathology clients globally, is led by Mr. Barbee. Since 2012, Mr. Barbee has been the president of DigiPath Corp, a business that makes digital slide scanners. 

Mr. Barbee was Vice President of Sales, International, and Government Affairs at BioImagene, Inc., a digital pathology company that Roche Corporation purchased in 2010 before he joined DigiPath

Dr. Radha Krishnan

Merck & Co

Doctor Radha Krishnan She is a clinical pathologist and anatomic/surgical pathologist with 25 years of experience in clinical and diagnostic practise. She is recognised as a SME in the field of cancer, particularly in the areas of immuno-oncology and PD-L1.

She possesses significant international knowledge in both science and operations, and she has a track record of achieving above market growth in challenging biomarker analysis to support clinical trials. The GCP, international IVD/companion diagnostic (CDx) investigations, and external reproducibility studies are other areas in which I have a great deal of knowledge. substantial familiarity with NASH studies, proficiency in creating pathologic diagnostic standards for neoadjuvant trials. pushing the integration of AI and digital pathology into clinical research and routine clinical practise.

Dr. Michelle Ocana-10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Michelle Ocana

Managing Director, Neurobiology Imaging Facility, Harvard Medical School

As the managing director of the Harvard Medical School Neurobiology Imaging Facility, Michelle Ocana aids in the visualisation of investigations by utilising state-of-the-art imaging technology and methods.

Dr. Sadaf Memon-10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Sadaf Memon

Staff Pathologist, Transfusion Medicine and Hematopathology Phyisician Lead, Mackenzie Health, Richmond hill, Ontario. Canada

She is a general pathologist (AP/CP) employed by Mackenzie Health and Cortelluci Vaughan Hospital, the nation’s first smart hospital, and she has totally transitioned from using glass slides to whole slide imaging (WSI) platform for regular diagnosis. Hematopathology, digital pathology, and AI are three areas that particularly fascinate me. Additionally, I oversee the hospital transfusion medicine division at Mackenzie Health as the physician lead.

She finished her master’s degree in laboratory medicine and pathobiology at the University of Toronto after completing her residency in general pathology (AP/CP) at McMaster University. I obtained my Master’s in Healthcare Management from York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Mr. Troy Bankhead-10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Mr. Troy Bankhead

Director of European Operations & Vice President of Marketing

The client experience and doing good are both very important to Troy Bankhead. His career has taken him through a variety of entrepreneurial endeavours over the course of the past 20 years on two continents, giving him indepth knowledge that, when combined with his intense interest in technology and all things digital, has allowed him to successfully lead several award-winning agencies and win Luxembourg’s Marketing Manager of the Year award in 2009 and 2016. 

His company philosophy is based on the deep belief that relationships of trust are formed by providing value to everyone we interact with, not by making sales.

Mr. Etienne Pochet

R&D Data Scientist chez Sanofi


Marika Viatore has earned her Master’s in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine from the University of Milan. At Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano, she is a young research fellow in the department of leukocyte biology (MI).

Dr. Rajiv Tangri-10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Rajiv Tangri

National Head, Histopathology & Cytopathology Dr Lal Path Labs, Rohini (New Delhi)

Dr. Rajiv is the national team leader for Dr. Lal Path Labs’ histopathology and cytopathology division. He has more than 22 years of experience in the field of pathology, with a focus on neuropathology and oncopathology. He also has substantial background as a NABL Lead and Technical Assessor in Histo & Cytopathology. 

He has held a variety of positions with prestigious organisations like the Batra Hospital, Max Super Specialty Hospital, SRL Limited, and Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute in Delhi.

Dr. Anil Berger 10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Anil Berger

VP Sales & Marketing – Mindpeak GmbH

Dr. Anil Berger, VP Sales & Marketing at Mindpeak GmbH, automates laborious processes in clinical laboratories using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques: Areas with tumours are frequently found. Utilizing WSIs, significant biomarkers are quantified.

Dr. Zev Leifer -10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.


The Leifer Institute of Molecular and Digital Pathology


President and Chief Research Officer of the Leifer Institute, Dr. Zev Leifer. Professor of Microbiology and Pathology at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine for the past 37 years (retired).

He has several ideas and ongoing initiatives that I would want to pursue. He is utilising this website to spread the news throughout the globe, ask likeminded peers to work together, and hopefully produce a significant publication that could even alter the world.

Dr. Reena Nakra 10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Reena Nakra

Principal Director (Lab Management and Technical Excellence) at Dr. Lal PathLabs

Dr. Reena Nakra is the Dr. Lal PathLabs’ Principal Director (Lab Management & Technical Excellence). She graduated with honours from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College in Pune and was ranked top in her class at Pune University for MD Pathology. She has an impressive academic background. She spent nine years working for the Army Medical Corps before joining Dr. Lal PathLabs in 2006. 

Over the course of her 20 years of employment, she has successfully combined her medical knowledge with organisational leadership in laboratory operations, quality, and commercial elements, earning her numerous international publications.

Mr. Ram Dwivedi 10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Mr. Ram Dwivedi

Ram Dwivedi works at Roche as a Product Manager for International Digital Pathology (Tissue Diagnostics) in Basel, Basel-City. 


Mr. Nir Katzir -10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.


CTO at Applied Spectral Imaging

Mr. Nir Katzir is the Chief Technology Officer at Applied Spectral Imaging, a 1993-founded retail business with an estimated 65 workers. Their management level is C-Level, and they are a member of the C-Suite Department’s Engineering & Technical Executive team. Nir obtained his degree from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and he now resides in Israel.

Dr. Marilyn Bui -10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Marilyn M. Bui

President-elect at Florida Society of Pathologists

In the Department of Pathology of the Moffitt Cancer Center, Dr. Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD, FCAP, is a senior member. Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology section leader, President of the Medical Staff, and Scientific Director of the Analytic Microscopy Core are all Dr. Bui’s titles (July 2018-June 2020). Along with running the Cytopathology Fellowship, she is a professor in the Morsani College of Medicine at the University of South Florida (USF). After completing her residency and fellowship at the University of Florida, she moved back to Beijing, China, where she had completed her medical degree. She also holds certifications in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology and Cytopathology from the American Board of Pathology, a PhD in Molecular Pathology and Immunology from the University of Florida, and a certificate in Cytopathology.

Dr. M Naveen Kumar -10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. M. Naveen Kumar

Dr. M. Naveen Kumar received his MD in Pathology from RGUHS Bangalore University. working as an assistant professor at the Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences & Research in Hyderabad. I serve as a mentor for medical students working on projects at ICMR.

Dr. Pallavi Bhuyan -10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Pallavi Bhuyan

Assistant Professor at SCB Medical College

Dr. Pallavi Bhuyan is an assistant professor in the department of pathology at SCB Medical College in Cuttack. She earned her MBBS there in 1996 and her MD (Pathology) there in 2002. 

She joined the pathology department at SCB Medical College in Cuttack in 2005 as a lecturer and is currently an assistant professor there. 

She finished her pathology training for liver transplants in 2014 at Apollo Hospital in Delhi.

Dr. Alina Bridges-10th World Digital Pathology & AI UCGCongress on April 04-06, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.


Director of Dermatopathology & Dermatologist with a great breadth of expertise contributing to advances in Dermatopathology, Immunodermatology, patient care, education, research, & healthcare policy.

Dr. Bridges has extensive training and experience in hospital dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and the diagnosis and treatment of difficult inflammatory and neoplastic patients. She has conducted academic and pharmaceutical research in the fields of test development, molecular biology, and biochemistry. She has supervised hundreds of trainees and gives presentations all over the world. She served as the Mayo Clinic’s Dermatopathology Fellowship’s emeritus director. She belongs to the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society of Dermatopathology, the Women’s Dermatologic Society, the Noah Worcester Dermatological Society, and the International Society of Dermatopathology. She is also a member of the American Dermatological Association. As a member of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology’s editorial board, she contributes to national leadership, advocacy, and health care policy.

Dr. Trevor D. McKee

CEO and co-founder

Dr. McKee has been developing novel techniques for the acquisition and analysis of microscopy and medical image data for 20 years since his PhD in Bioengineering at MITwhere he performed his work in Rakesh Jain’s laboratory at Harvard Medical School. He is a member of the Temerty Center for AI Research and Education in Medicine at the University of Toronto and has been designated as an Adjunct Lecturer in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology. At Deciphex Inc., he held the position of Director of Commercial AI Services (Research Pathology). Prior to that, he worked as the HistoWiz Inc. Director of Image Analysis and the STTARR Core facility’s Senior Data Scientist and Manager of Computational Pathology initiatives.