Digital Pathology
Track 1: Digital Pathology

A branch of pathology called “digital pathology” focuses on data management using data derived from digitalized specimen slides

Track 2_ Medical Imaging Digital Pathology
Track 2: Medical Imaging Digital Pathology

Medical imaging aims to identify and cure disease as well as disclose internal structures that are covered by the skin and bones.

Track 3_ Artificial Intelligence in Digital Pathology
Track 3: Artificial Intelligence in Digital Pathology

An illness Software that offers automated pathology or assists pathologists in their work is known as an AI system

Track 4_ Computational Pathology
Track 4: Computational Pathology

A branch of pathology that examines patient samples using a variety of procedures and computer analysis to better understand disease

Track 5_ Pathology with Technology
Track 5: Pathology with Technology

The biggest strides in pathology have been made through the application of genomic-based molecular techniques,

Track 6_ Digital Pathology in COVID-19 Pathology in COVID-19
Track 6: Digital Pathology in COVID-19

Digital pathology technologies are now being included into ordinary workflow in pathology practises.

Track 7_ Machine Learning and AI
Track 7: Machine Learning and AI

A wide range of new technologies that make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are being developed

Track 8_ Diagnostics Digital Pathology
Track 8: Diagnostics Digital Pathology

Since the first telepathology descriptions, there has been a growing interest in the capacity to deliver remote diagnostics

Track 9: Digital Surgical Pathology

Surgical pathology is the study of tissues taken from living patients during surgery.